These numbers are my birthday

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These numbers are my birthday

Postby DragonFly64 » Sat May 14, 2016 6:03 pm

Hi, I am a little confused. I normally do not see the same number or numbers at least not enough times to say okay what is going on I feel as though I am being followed by these numbers and I had lost the address to this site and I just found it and I am so glad Please can someone help me with the meaning of these numbers 612 i see them or hear them every where I go and in every thing I do and what is really weird is those numbers are my birthday numbers month and day in that order!
Thank you so much for your help. I know a little about numbers only what i have read on the this site and other sites I am not sure how to interpret these numbers. again thank you.

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Re: These numbers are my birthday

Postby gebo333 » Sat May 14, 2016 6:04 pm

Hi its funny because i see 929 very often, my birthday too. This is the only vague interepretation I can find for your numbers 612 is "Stay positive about whatever your situation is at that moment as your optimism and faith will create a better outcome" So my interpretation would be; if worried, angry, bothered, having negative attitude or thoughts about something or someone in that moment that you see the numbers, heaven is reminding you to let it go and find some thing positive because when you let go of all that a better solution or option will appear for a better outcome. I am guided by numbers on a daily basis, really on a daily basis. Its been since 2008 when i noticed my first sequence numbers 555. From then on its been increasing and increasing. its very wierd but very real. I just recently got an book Angel 101. They have meanings of numbers from 0-999. Honestly for me spirtual path site has been the most accurate. I wish they had more sequences cuz they are just are right on. Except for the 222 for me they are a choice having two options and the one im choosing is not the ONE that works out but there's another option that always shows up and that is the ONE. Anyways always take notes when a number is talking to you, ask yourself what you are doing, thinking, going through and see if next time you see the same numbers you can find a pattern. That's just that way i have been guided the most accurately and the only different interpretation i have had that differs from spirtual path info is the 222. Also the 444 there is a little variation for me; Its something may be burdensome or inconvinient, or something is just not going to work out for the moment but the angels are there to support you and will protect you. Hope this helps :) Zoya

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