The Meaning of 555

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The Meaning of 555

Postby BrianS » Sat May 14, 2016 5:33 pm

Thanks so much for solving the mystery of 555. In the way certain numbers and events have occurred in my life, it was important to find out the meaning of this number.11:11 has been following me for over a year now, my girlfriend and her mom are witnesses to this, on just one occasion her mom wasn’t feeling well and I put my cell phone on to call someone and the time on my phone appeared as 11:11 and this was after asking her mom what she thought the meaning of what 11:11 was. I showed them the phone and the conversation we were having just got more intense. She mentioned to me at certain times there are parts of the earth that open up and that certain spiritual energies are in communication with each other. Some people pray when this occurs, I was told. Anyhow 555 have entered strongly and for good reason, as I now understand, thanks to your information. My birthday just occurred recently and this strange occurrence that I am going to explain really did happen.

I went to the store Friday night and I picked up some items the register rang up,$5.55.I then bought a 5 dollar quick pick and gave a 20 dollar bill. I received 3 fives as change (5,5,5).The next morning I went to get 10 dollars of gas for our trip and paid with a 20 and received 2, (5,5) dollar bills. In Long Island now ,we went to Starbucks and I paid with a 20 dollar bill and received another 2 ,(5,5) dollar bills. We went to Odd lots with her mom and my change again came back as 3 fives (5,5,5).The next day, my parents took me out for my birthday and enclosed in my cards were instant tickets. The total came to 15 dollars but then my father added a ticket he had bought which gave me a total of 18.I went to redeem the tickets and received 3 fives (5,5,5) and 3 ones (1,1,1).With this happening and me telling my girlfriend about this she added the fact that she was born 5:55 pm.Maybe you can now understand why finding out the meaning of 555 has been so important to me.

Thanks again,


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