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Postby Melody » Sat May 14, 2016 5:16 pm

I can't believe I have found my answers on this web-site. For over 1 1/2 years the number "11" has been so much part of my life its like a friend. When I go a day with out seeing it at this point I miss it. My friends, family all know bout it, it wont come up in one time in a setting, Friends knowing bout it will catch them selves saying 2 or 3 times. I took a week vacation to Boise Id. First road sign in Idaho was 11. i stayed on 11th. in hotel, stayed across hall way from rm. 311. I started skydiving and at the jump park close for owners birthday the day i call Oct 11, his birthday, it was my 11th jump and i payed with 711 check no. Of the seven days I was there 5 cars with lic. no. with 11 on it. One was 011. I wnet out for a drink and all the places I could have sat, it was on the couch with a hockey stick with no #11 directly over my head. My friend and I was going out for dessert and my change was 11.00, My friend bout had it with my number 11 by the time I left. And that dont even touch the surface of what I have been thru with the NUMBER #11 ,,, your wed site was a blessing,,,,,,,thankyou and my angels for bring me too here,,now when I brought up your wed site,,,,,,,,,,guess what hit me in the face,,,,,,,,,,,,,that book bout it,,,,,,1911-1917, i rest my case

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Re: *11*

Postby SRVooDoo » Sat May 14, 2016 5:17 pm

I've been repeatedly seeing the number 1134.
I've read that these recurring numbers are messages from our Guardian Angels and the Midwayers.
I can't seem to find any info on what 1134 means though.
All I can say is that on anything digital, 1134 backwards spells Hell.
Could they be telling me that this life, even will all the good blessing I've received is hell?
Peace, Love & Good Happiness Stuff :D

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Re: *11*

Postby namaste_1_61803399 » Sat May 14, 2016 5:21 pm

We as humans have the most powerful tool of creation ever given to mankind, our brains. Once we get a number or number sequence locked into our thought patterns, we create the reality of seeing this number or numbers alot more than before. I went to a baseball game a few weeks back, got lost in the parking lot looking for my truck, and by the time I found it and turned on the engine, the clock read 9:11. It is 11:09 CDT as I write this post. The mind is indeed the most powerful tool we possess!
"Though a man may conquer a thousand times a thousand men on the field of battle, the noblest victor is he who conquers himself." Dhammapada 103

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Re: *11*

Postby Anonymous3 » Sat May 14, 2016 5:22 pm

i see 11:11 once if not twice a day. always at that time. and if its not 11:11 that i see, its 11:12.

i don't wear a watch. i look at my phone for the time. and it just so happens that the few times i do check my phone, it is at precisely 11:11.


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Re: *11*

Postby WilliamT » Sat May 14, 2016 5:27 pm

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Re: *11*

Postby Jeanie280 » Sat May 14, 2016 5:29 pm

Hello! I am very excited that I stumbled upon this site. I have been searching for the 'meaning' of 111,1111 for the last year or so. I see the numbers EVERYWHERE. I've mentioned it to my friends, family, boyfriend, and they think that I'm over-reacting, or just plain 'crazy.'

It had really started to freak me out! Everytime I looked at a clock, it was either 1:11 or 11:11. My credit was recently increased to $11,100. I always get $1.11 in change back at the register. A school bus ahead of me was #111. I'll talk on my phone for 1:11. I was watching a movie with my boyfriend, and the TV/DVD power shut off at 11:11. Coincidence? He thought so! In a movie I saw recently, the room # they were in was 111. I had tickets to an NBA game in suite #111. Even when I glance at a microwave or any timer, I always seem to catch it at the very moment it gets to 1:11 or 11:11. The list goes on, but I'm sure you get the point.

I have looked everywhere for answers, but nothing. This is the first time (on this site) that I have been able to relate with others on this very issue. If anyone finds out or knows of other explanations, please let me know! I'm trying my best to think it's a positive sign of some sort! and not to worry too much about it. But, obviously it's been bothering me, or else I wouldn't have been searching for answers. :D


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