Spirituality and Religion

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Spirituality and Religion

Post by dis4bld » Sat May 14, 2016 5:45 pm

hi, i was, and i am a christian.. but ive recently seen new light in what God really is,birds,bees,bugs,flees,dogs... well you get the point.. anyway, i am struggling a little with keeping positive tolerance with mainly my family and talking to people.. when theres this thing ive been praying about.. i should stop beating around the godly bush and tell you the truth. i may sound crazy or something. around a half a year ago i prayed to the lord to show me how to love again, since i was dying inside and spiritually because i was with a girlfriend i didnt love and i was in a way saying i love you and not meaning it. but on a lighter note, today i had a revelation realizing my health is mental, due to me not leading a healthy lifestyle spiritual or psyhical. i came to the conclusion my prayer was answered, either way, i need to know how to talk to people and not accidently talk to their spirit to get a negative response instead i need to know what to think to get the best out of conversasions. on a lighter note i would love to hear some comments, thank you for your time i have faith you wont think i am crazy.

P.s - ive had a sexually transmitted disease for around 3 years, and i think i should be dead by now, i was feeling very ill until a friend of mine taught me how to think out loud.

oh, i just remembered something, my "feelings"
more than one way to describe them, feelings of vibration/goosebumps come upon my body when i say certain things or like something sincerely.
-doubts/insecuritys make people act mean-
sharp stinging feelings in my left and right mean yes and no to the thought i have. sharp stinging feelings in my spine or anywhere in the center of my body show me i am on the right thought, or as though i would believe strongly about something im thinking the thoughts of clarity come upon me.
well i cant think of anything else right now. please give me some positive feedback on this.

Sincerely - Dan 7/1/87 funny thing popped into my head, seven steps of enlightenment/ seven inches of pure man.. if you catch my drift.. dont mean to be profain.

oops, i just HOPED(hope without faith is blinded) you wouldent turn me in to the crazy people. lol

sorry if i sound dumb im a newbie at this spiritual control thing.
---Dano to Be Enlightened---

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Re: Spirituality and Religion

Post by Robin » Sat May 14, 2016 5:46 pm

Hello Dan,

A very honest and heartfelt posting - good for you!

You are asking if you should seek a teacher, but it sounds like you are receiving guidance from your Spirit Guide(s) through physical means. I am a staunch advocate of spirituality being an individual journey and no-one can advise you better than your Spirit Guide(s). No matter how well intentioned a potential advisor may be, they cannot truly advise you; only your Spirit Guide(s) can answer your questions with 100%, undeniable, unwavering and doubtless truth.

As you already have some form of communication with them, however basic, develop and work with this. Ask simple questions that require 'Yes' or 'No' answers and see what responses you receive. Develop a relationship with them and have them answer your questions. Their answers will help guide you to where you need to be. Use the number sequences listed on this site, or develop you own unique method of communication - it is entirely between you and your Spirit Guide(s). Keep it simple, be patient and open and you will see many other types of sign develop.

I can appreciate your mental/emotional/physical predicament; it is a place I certainly never want to be again! You need a definite and trustworthy lifeline, a beacon to guide to the shores. For me, this is and always shall be guidance from my Spirit Guides, which is why I suggest it to you.

I wish you the very best of luck on your journey.

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