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A very warm welcome to Spiritual-Path.com. This site serves to provide a single resource of information and products for beginners who have decided they wish to tread the spiritual path. It is hoped to provide a private and confidential journey allowing you to read and experience a range of spiritual topics from the sanctity of your own home. Any links provided are from selected sources and are deemed to be the most informative and unbiased. Below are explanations of the adjacent links and what you can find in them:

Religions: Information on the philosophy and beliefs of the worlds great religions
Astrology: An overview of astrology and links to free astrology readings
Numerology: An overview of numerology and a link to a free numerology reading
Tarot: An overview of Tarot and a link to a free Tarot reading
Palmistry: A link to a great site on beginning palmistry
Tai Chi: An excellent link to an online Tai Chi lesson
Chi Kung: A link to fantastic instructional pictures to get you started with Chi Kung
Yoga: An excellent link to an online Yoga lesson
Words of Wisdom: Comprehensive, comforting and thought -provoking quotations covering a wide range of Life issues
Paranormal: Information on the different aspects of paranormal and psychic abilities
Aromatherapy: An introduction to Aromatherapy. Explains what it is and where it originated
Homeopathy: An introduction to Homeopathy. Explains its history and usage
Magic Candles: A range of specially selected, hand-made candles that are ready to use
Homeopathy Kits: A range of specially prepared kits for beginners. Comes complete with full instructions on which remedy to use and why
Aromatherapy Kits: A range of specially prepared kits for beginners. Each kit comes with a book about Aromatherapy and how to use the oils
Spiritual Books: This range of specially selected boots covers a wide range of topics. Each book is aimed at the beginner and provides guidance and instructions to allow you to gain valuable experience.
Astrology Kits: Boots and software that introduces you to astrology and allows you to create your own astrological readings
Tarot Kits: Boots and decks of Tarot cards that instruct you on what the cards mean and how to create your own Tarot readings
Numerology Kits: Instructional books that provide an insight into numerology and instructions on how to create your own numerological charts
Miscellaneous Kits: Discover the worlds of Feng Shui and I Ching with these specially selected beginner kits
Store Front: Access our range of specially selected products to aid you on your Spiritual Path
Forum: Engage in discussions about any spiritual topic or questions you may have. Feel free to start a new topic or add to any thread
The Spiritual Path: What is the Spiritual Path? Click here to find out! Also defines Spiritual-Path.com’s aim
Contact us: Details of how to contact us with your enquiries and questions
Home: Returns you to the Spiritual-Path.com homepage

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