Psychic ability can take many forms.  One of the most valuable is the gift of psychic healing, which can occur in anyone who is psychic, either in combination with other psychic talents or alone.

Psychic healing is as old as humankind itself.  It is the treatment of ailments, both physical and mental, by the powers of the spirit – or, at any rate, by forces not yet recognised as physical in the ordinary sense.  Much of the early psychic healing was done by priests or lay priests, who thought it necessary to surround their healing practices with a certain mystery in order to strengthen their patients’ belief in them, and thus strengthen their will to get well.  To this day, it makes a great deal of difference whether a sick person trusts his or her doctor or not.  Faith cannot move mountains, perhaps, but it can surely rally the body’s defence mechanisms.

In psychic healing, no medicines of any kind are used, and it is not necessary that the patient be a believer for the cure to work.  Certainly faith helps – and also strengthens resistance to disease – but true psychic healing, which is often instantaneous or very nearly so, does not require such a state of mind on the part of the one undergoing it.  Rather, its success depends on the healer’s ability to draw enough of his or her own life force into his or her hands to effect the healing.

Spiritualism, a religion that incorporates a belief in communication between living persons and the spirit world with elements of Christian belief, calls this practice spiritual healing.  According to spiritualist belief, God works through the hands of the healer as the healer touches the body of the patient.  However, I have found that some non-spiritualists and even some atheists have had remarkable results in healing through psychic means.  Whereas a spiritualist who works as a healer will credit the help of spirit guides or spirits (who may have been doctors while in the physical world), psychic healers usually understand that the healing comes from the application of their body’s energies, of which they possess unusually large amounts.

Psychic healing utilises the force present in the healer’s body to destroy disease in another person’s aura (the magnetic field extending somewhat beyond the physical body).  The healer draws energy from his or her physical body, mainly from the two solar plexus in the back of the stomach and at the top of the head, where networks of nerve cells come together.  This energy is then channelled through the healer’s hands and applied to the aura of the patient.  A good healer notices the discolouration of the aura that indicates illness.  By placing his or her energy into the troubled areas of the aura, the healer displaces or burns out the diseased parts and momentarily creates a vacuum within the aura.  Healthy electrically charged particles – that is, healthy energy – rush to fill these gaps.  When the inner body is restored to perfect health, the parallel outer body cannot help but fall into line.  The aura (or etheric body, or electromagnetic field within us) duplicates the outer, physical body in every respect except one:  It extends beyond the skin slightly, usually about a quarter of an inch.  Thus, a psychic healer will not touch the skin, but pass his or her hands slightly above it, because that is where the sensitive ‘skin’ of the etheric body is.  Disease clears up almost at once, or as fast as the cells can keep pace with the orders from the etheric body within.